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Enhance the performance of your Facebook (Meta), TikTok, advertisements with the best first-party tracking application on Shopify

3000+ shopify stores owners use our App to improve their tracking and ads performance

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No-coding required

No technical knowledge necessary to setup the Royal Apps

Integrate with any theme

Work smoothly with all themes. No code, no scripts.


Track & sync multiple Facebook pixel including the conversion api iOS 14. Never miss any Data!


Install multiple TikTok pixels in your store with automatic event triggers & accurate tracking with event API

Conversion API

Conversion API is the best solution that can help to solve the attribute issue on your Facebook & Tiktok ads with IOS 14+ devices and Ad Blocker

Built by merchants, for merchants

We use our own ecommerce experience to develop tools that make your life easier & your store more profitable

Interest Finder

Built-in interest finder where find interest to target audience increase the conversion rate.

Live chat 24/7

Responsive live support from people who care about your success

Niche Tag Pixel

Assign a pixel to a specific tag and use that tag into those products where you want to fire the pixel.

Collection Pixel

Assigning one or more collections to a pixel to keep firing for only those products which exists in the assigned collections.

Advanced analytics

Our app is easy to use and tracks your most important Server Side Events. Our app will give you the best Event Match Quality Scores possible to get great results in your Facebook & Tiktok ad campaigns.

UTM Tracking Parameters

Once a shopper clicks on any of your products from Facebook & Tiktok, these parameters will be appended to the end of the products link. You'll be able to see a breakdown of these data in your Google Analytic

Backup Pixel

With Backup Pixel , you can protect your optimization data by assigning another pixel with event data that ‘mirrors’ your primary pixel!

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Your satisfaction is our priority, that’s why we provide a FREE trial for all our apps

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Infinite Commerce is over 30 people globally, 30 senior profiles. We only work with senior profiles to make sure that every single dollar of your budget we spent, it’s spent by senior profiles with over 10 years experience

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A dynamic and ambitious group who seek high-quality services to achieve their goals. They come from various industries and trust us to provide expert guidance and innovative solutions. Join us as we collaborate with our clients and support their success.

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